What Poor Product Data Does To Your eCommerce Store (and Conversions)


eCommerce is all the rage these days. Millions of sellers are doing all they can to be able to grab customer attention and increase their conversion rate. However, they often tend to neglect one of the important parts of an eCommerce store, product data entry, which can have serious effects. Your store might have everything going for it, whether it is the user interface or a rich social media fanbase, but it's all in vain if your product data is poorly managed. 

Product pages are more like a foundation of your eCommerce business. Until and unless your foundation is strong, it will be difficult to accomplish anything, be it gaining a high conversion rate or staying ahead of the competition.

You can, of course, opt for eCommerce product data entry services to eliminate the product data issues once and for all. But before that, it is important to know how can poor product data can be fatal for your store.

  • Increase in negative reviews = decrease in conversions

Inconsistent and mismanaged product data can result in an increased return rate. This is because if a customer makes a purchase and ends up being dissatisfied with your product just because the information was false or misleading, then they will return the item. And once they have had a bad experience dealing with you, it's only a matter of time till the word spreads. They won't be buying products from you again and they'll most probably take it out over social media or by posting negative reviews on your product page. As a result, everyone else will be reluctant in buying from you. Altogether, it will largely affect your conversion rate.

  • Loss of customer trust

Incorrect product data can easily destroy customers' trust. Step into the buyers' shoes. Say, you are looking to buy a backpack, preferably a leather one. You come across a listing where the product image is one of a black canvas backpack but the product data mentions the color as brown and the material as leather. How comfortable would you feel in making a purchase from this seller? And after this, would you be willing to consider this seller for your future purchases? Not quite, right? This is what happens when you, as a seller, include inconsistent product data in your listings.

  • Delays in making the product live

Posting a product and making it live on your store won't be possible if a product's information is missing or is incorrect. If displaying the item on your store gets delayed simply because the product data is incomplete, it is bad for your conversions and more importantly, your market position. No matter if you have a brilliant eCommerce order processing system in place, it's useless if your product isn't live on time. If you wish to stay ahead of the competition, you have to have a lead in displaying all the new products on time. And inconsistent product data ain't helping the purpose here.

  • Unprofessionalism

It's not just about having accurate product data, but also about how you present it. For example, formatting and standardization issues such as incorrect English or punctuation can make you look unprofessional. On the other hand, if you include correct product data in a clean and readable format, you are more likely to create a professional image, giving the buyers yet another reason to trust you.

It is crucial to realize the consequences of your mistakes if you want to improve and level up your business. Product data inconsistency is one of those mistakes that can cost you dearly, and now that you know what it does to your business, you should get down to fixing and avoiding it for the future.

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